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March Interlibrary Lush – A Night to Leave Work Behind.

So it’s that time again… Please join us Thursday, March 26th @ 7p at Amnesia in North Portland. This month’s location has a large GRILL and benches outside if you want to bring a furry friend.

February Interlibrary Lush – Librarians Light up the Night!

This month’s flyer features the unofficial ILL mascot – a child’s Lite Brite.  Join us at the Green Dragon and behold it in all its luminescent glory [provided I can find an outlet to plug it in]!

Economic stimulus package aka American Recovery and Reinvestment Act [ARRA] aka LIBRARIES NEED MONEY; please help them receive it

Okay, so we are all aware of the Economic Stimulus Package meant to deliver the US of A from its current state of economic peril. The formal name of the pending bill is the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, and libraries could potentially benefit greatly from it. Sadly, they could also get shafted. ALA’s District […]

Interlibrary Lush – January Oh-Niner!

Due to inclement weather, conflicting holiday schedules, nastoid colds, and a host of other possibly dubious excuses Interlibrary Lush was put on hold for the month of December. But it is back in full force for 2009! So read this here flyer and join us, won’t you? [This month’s flyer features Lana organizing and shelving […]

So you want to become a librarian?

Next month myself and a few other very awesome librarians from the Portland Rad [so rad, on so many levels] Ref Collective will be taking part in the ‘So You Want to become a Librarian’ panel hosted by the Independent Publishing Resource Center. We will discuss the librarian’s journey, beginning with our own stories as […]

Baked goods bribery

Cookies, danishes, sweetbreads, brownies, fudge, coffeecakes, and most other sugary, chocolately, cake-like goods were a constant in my old library’s break room. Most were brought in by staff but oftentimes you would find a half empty cookie tin with a crumb-covered note written by a patron thanking the library staff or a particular employee for […]

Interlibrary Lush – Alcohol MANDATORY; Pie/turkey/yams OPTIONAL

It was recently brought to my attention that I do not post information on the monthly librarian meetup I host, Interlibrary Lush, on this website. And since I seem to post about it everywhere else there really is no reason for this. So below is the flyer for the November Interlibrary Lush. Oh, and I […]

I apologize.

But I have to…

Cindy Sherman and the Library Lolita

Cindy Sherman‘s Untitled Film Still #13 aka ‘The Librarian’ has sold for $902,500 at a Christie’s auction!  Wowza.  The photographs from Sherman’s Film Stills series are largely inspired by B-movies, film noir, and films from the 50s and 60s. Here is Sherman in the library, looking deceptively wholesome, I think.  She looks very young [Sherman […]

Public Libraries: There when you need them – and you might [especially in the years ahead].

Via Daily Kos: Over the years we’ve forgotten about our libraries. If we thought about them at all, we thought they were anachronisms, unimportant, and irrelevant. We were wrong. What I learned from my experience was that when you’re at the bottom, there is someplace you can go to remain connected, to learn, and even […]