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Margot Ruth Kidder: Queen of the Margotnauts

In 2008, I saw the movie Black Christmas for the first time and was reacquainted with a lady named Margot Kidder. In Black Christmas she played Barb Coard, the foul-mouthed, hard-drinking sorority gal who dissed authority and told it like it was. Her character stole the show and made me want to investigate her further, […]

Terrible twos: Happy B-day Retro-b-lore

And for your very special day I gift unto thee an update after an almost six month hiatus. Prison for Bitches – a Lady Gaga fanzine. [Never use Photobucket again – prisonforbitches.jpg MIA] Prison for Bitches is a collaborative piece by the dudes from Haus von Electric Ant and a bunch of awesome artists such […]