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February Interlibrary Lush – Librarians Light up the Night!

This month’s flyer features the unofficial ILL mascot – a child’s Lite Brite.  Join us at the Green Dragon and behold it in all its luminescent glory [provided I can find an outlet to plug it in]!

Interlibrary Lush – January Oh-Niner!

Due to inclement weather, conflicting holiday schedules, nastoid colds, and a host of other possibly dubious excuses Interlibrary Lush was put on hold for the month of December. But it is back in full force for 2009! So read this here flyer and join us, won’t you? [This month’s flyer features Lana organizing and shelving […]

So you want to become a librarian?

Next month myself and a few other very awesome librarians from the Portland Rad [so rad, on so many levels] Ref Collective will be taking part in the ‘So You Want to become a Librarian’ panel hosted by the Independent Publishing Resource Center. We will discuss the librarian’s journey, beginning with our own stories as […]

Interlibrary Lush – Alcohol MANDATORY; Pie/turkey/yams OPTIONAL

It was recently brought to my attention that I do not post information on the monthly librarian meetup I host, Interlibrary Lush, on this website. And since I seem to post about it everywhere else there really is no reason for this. So below is the flyer for the November Interlibrary Lush. Oh, and I […]

Dark Horse Comics at Portland State University, yay.

Mike Richardson, president and co-founder of Dark Horse Comics and Portland State University alum, has donated and will continue to donate copies of all Dark Horse titles to the PSU Library to create an extensive Dark Horse Comics Archive.  The library now has DH comics on shelf as well as a collection available for scholarly […]

To all of you at Comic-Con

Hope you are having a super time [WITHOUT ME]!