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Interlibrary Lush checks out…sort of.

Please join us Thursday, September 24 @ 7p at Vendetta, a lovely bar frequented by librarians and…mayoral incumbents? Yeah, I’ve seen Mr. Adams there once or twice. We mostly just ignored each other.

Interlibrary Lush August 2009 – Singing encouraged but not required.

Please join us Thursday, August 27th @ 7p at the Alibi – a poorly lit tiki joint with a tasty selection of pupus and karaoke starting at 9p. Original photo courtesy of Arkiva Tropika.

Premiere of Bitch Magazine’s Lending Library!

Back in August of 2008, myself and a few other members of the Portland Radical Reference Collective came together to organize and catalog the 800+ titles that comprised Bitch Magazine‘s lending library. After some researching, we created a thesaurus and assigned subjects to each book, then had a cataloguing party with a slew of Rad […]

Interlibrary Lush July 2009 – do not discard us, eheheheh eh.

Please join us Thursday, July 23rd @ 7p at the Lucky Lab pub – a jolly establishment with lots of outdoor seating, as well as pets for petting. Original photo taken from here.

Interlibrary Lush June 2009 – For all librarians…corporeal or otherwise

Please join us Thursday, June 25th @ 7p at Vendetta – a fine establishment with lots of outdoor seating and landscaping that reminds me of a peaceful zen rock garden. Screencap courtesy of smarty shots

Everything you wanted to know about public records access and archival methods in 15 minutes or less!

Interested in copyright issues, information access, public records, and seeing my face turn 30 shades of red? Then you may be interested in the Rad Ref Collective’s “What is fair, free, and available, and how to make sure it lasts” talk Saturday, June 6th @10a at the Portland Anarchist Bookfair… Flyer courtesy of Axiom Infoshop

Interlibrary Lush May 2009 – So a librarian walks into a bar…

Please join us Thursday, May 28th @ 7p at Ducketts – a fine establishment with pinball tables, good eats, and HAPPY HOUR PRICES UNTIL 9P AND ALL DAY W/STUDENT ID! Slight catch though…Ducketts is CASH ONLY so stuff your wallet accordingly. Photo source: The Viking yearbook, 1950 – Vanport Extension Center of the University of […]

Librarian Prom 2009 – Somewhere over the Reading Rainbow!

Candise from SCALA asked if I wanted to put together the flyer for the Librarian Prom so here is my attempt. I sort of had the ALA Read posters in mind. Incidentally, a super special shout out goes to Scott and Heather for letting me exploit their photo…I am guessing they were probably the most […]

April Interlibrary Lush!

April showers bring…etc. Please join us Thursday, April 30th @ 7p at Goodfoot Lounge a fine pub and lounge with pinball tables, dancing on the first floor, and plenty of good eats!

March Interlibrary Lush – A Night to Leave Work Behind.

So it’s that time again… Please join us Thursday, March 26th @ 7p at Amnesia in North Portland. This month’s location has a large GRILL and benches outside if you want to bring a furry friend.