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Kazuo Umezu – Cat Eyed Boy

Created in the late 60s by Kazuo Umezu, Cat Eyed Boy [shouldn’t there be a hyphen in there somewhere?] is a horror/comedy manga about a half-[cat]demon, half-child that has been cast out of the demon world for looking too human. Shunned by humans as well, he wonders from village to village, living in attics, and […]

To all of you at Comic-Con

Hope you are having a super time [WITHOUT ME]!

An explanation of why my coverage of comic book and anime-related events will be garbage.

What I enjoy most about comic book/anime conventions are the people that attend them. I tend to be less interested in what is being pushed on display tables and more curious about the artists that are sitting behind them and the people wandering about the convention room. I browse new titles but mainly I find […]