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Work It Out: A comic about working out

Pumping iron puts me in a contemplative mood. While running, yogar-ing, or doing some intense pec work I often find myself getting…ideas. Ideas for the future, for recipes, for work, and even for comics. It just so happened that I have a friend who makes comics so I shared some of my ideas with him […]

Adventure! Danger! Intrigue!: Today…in Readers’ Advisory

Fiction: Bookhunter by Jason Shiga In the city that boasts its own comic book month, Portland’s annual Stumptown Comics Fest offers an array of comics books, graphic novels, and art books made by local and national artists. One of recent years’ standout titles is the graphic novel, Bookhunter by Jason Shiga, a book written with […]

Comic books as foreign language learning aids

Italian 203 has been pretty difficult so far. I have had to spend more time studying and memorizing vocab and grammatical rules, which means I have had less time to do class projects. I did, however, decide to do one of the final projects for class. It was to be a PowerPoint presentation on something, […]

Terrible twos: Happy B-day Retro-b-lore

And for your very special day I gift unto thee an update after an almost six month hiatus. Prison for Bitches – a Lady Gaga fanzine. [Never use Photobucket again – prisonforbitches.jpg MIA] Prison for Bitches is a collaborative piece by the dudes from Haus von Electric Ant and a bunch of awesome artists such […]

Hey, guess what…

I made this sweet bit of art to celebrate the coming release of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Scott Pilgrim #5, Scott Pilgrim vs. The Universe on February 5th!  I will quake with anticipation until this day arrives. And if you would like to make your own art that includes someone else’s art, the Scott Pilgrim cubecraft […]

The Graphic Novel – Raise it up!

OPB’s Think Out Loud recently [re?]aired The Rise of the Graphic Novel.  During the show they discuss the difference between comics and the graphic novel, which, IMHO, there really isn’t one.  One of the guests echoed my sentiments when he said, “graphic novels are just comics with spines.”  And that is book spine, of course.  […]

Secret test screening of Watchmen tonight!

Tonight is also the Dark Horse talk at PSU.  Should I skip it in favor of the unconfirmed test screening of Watchmen?  Hmmm….what to do?  I’ll report back with my decision. EDIT:  Dark Horse it is.  I figure if I went to the theater there is a chance I will not get a ticket, that […]

Dark Horse Comics at Portland State University, yay.

Mike Richardson, president and co-founder of Dark Horse Comics and Portland State University alum, has donated and will continue to donate copies of all Dark Horse titles to the PSU Library to create an extensive Dark Horse Comics Archive.  The library now has DH comics on shelf as well as a collection available for scholarly […]

Repost: Merciful Minerva!

My friend Mason and I used to host an mp3 site where we and a few others would contribute songs, found sound, and other audio bits we thought were worth sharing. I have just learned the site will soon be taken down [and rightly so, it has been static for almost two years] and resurrected […]

Retrobacklore Reads

It’s true! Scott Pilgrim by Bryan Lee O’Malley – It has been awhile since I have been able to relate to a comic book character and their story so much. Granted, I have never dated anyone that required I battle all their exes Mega Man-style in order to continue dating them but then who hasn’t […]