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Terrible twos: Happy B-day Retro-b-lore

And for your very special day I gift unto thee an update after an almost six month hiatus.

Prison for Bitches – a Lady Gaga fanzine.

Prison for Bitches is a collaborative piece by the dudes from Haus von Electric Ant and a bunch of awesome artists such as Hellen Jo, Johhny Ryan, and Lisa Hanawalt. The content is great my only complaint is that I wish it were less of an art zine and more of a comics [meaning more strips] and text-based zine. The Fruits-like scene report on Lady Gaga Cosplay in Kobe is a great section too that I wish would have been expanded. The artwork is excellent – really nothing disappoints.

My favorite piece is the single page by Michael Kupperman. On it, Gaga’s disembodied head floats above two primates while her heavily shadowed eyes stare out at the viewer – her mouth is open slightly, her hair is tousled around her head in a way that calls to mind Beethoven or Mark Twain’s signature locks. She does not look like a pop star, instead she resembles some sort of ominous ape deity. I’m into it. And something about it makes me think of Lawnmower Man…wild hair, apes, god-like presence…

Check out a preview of Prison for Bitches HERE!

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  1. ryan wrote:

    Thanks so much for reading, and for your support!! I appreciate you reading it and glad you enjoyed the zine!

    Wednesday, May 26, 2010 at 6:31 am | Permalink

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