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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Interlibrary Lush – January Oh-Niner!

Due to inclement weather, conflicting holiday schedules, nastoid colds, and a host of other possibly dubious excuses Interlibrary Lush was put on hold for the month of December. But it is back in full force for 2009! So read this here flyer and join us, won’t you? [This month’s flyer features Lana organizing and shelving […]

So you want to become a librarian?

Next month myself and a few other very awesome librarians from the Portland Rad [so rad, on so many levels] Ref Collective will be taking part in the ‘So You Want to become a Librarian’ panel hosted by the Independent Publishing Resource Center. We will discuss the librarian’s journey, beginning with our own stories as […]

Hey, guess what…

I made this sweet bit of art to celebrate the coming release of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Scott Pilgrim #5, Scott Pilgrim vs. The Universe on February 5th!  I will quake with anticipation until this day arrives. And if you would like to make your own art that includes someone else’s art, the Scott Pilgrim cubecraft […]

Baked goods bribery

Cookies, danishes, sweetbreads, brownies, fudge, coffeecakes, and most other sugary, chocolately, cake-like goods were a constant in my old library’s break room. Most were brought in by staff but oftentimes you would find a half empty cookie tin with a crumb-covered note written by a patron thanking the library staff or a particular employee for […]