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Dark Horse Comics at Portland State University, yay.

Mike Richardson, president and co-founder of Dark Horse Comics and Portland State University alum, has donated and will continue to donate copies of all Dark Horse titles to the PSU Library to create an extensive Dark Horse Comics Archive.  The library now has DH comics on shelf as well as a collection available for scholarly research located in their Special Collections. The Special Collections holdings include single issues, trades, special edition printings, artwork, and titles in various languages.  I remember the collection sort of being in disarray when I saw it but that was probably due to there being no Special Collections librarian on staff to organize everything.  They have recently hired one [that ‘one’ was not me, but it’s fine.  No, really IT’S FINE] so I imagine the materials will become more accessible and get more exposure now.  So, good. 

Richardson will be speaking at PSU about the collection and Dark Horse in general.  This little event is free and open to the public so if you can go, you should.  Dollars to donuts there will be sweet snacks and fizzy drinks to ensure much seat fidgeting during the talk and a lively, sugar-fueled discussion afterward!

It’s a little difficult to see but the event will be October 16, 2008, at 7 p.m. in the Smith Memorial Student Union ballroom.

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