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Repost: Merciful Minerva!

My friend Mason and I used to host an mp3 site where we and a few others would contribute songs, found sound, and other audio bits we thought were worth sharing. I have just learned the site will soon be taken down [and rightly so, it has been static for almost two years] and resurrected in the near future. I was looking through old posts and wanted to repost one of my favorites before it dissolved into the virtual ether forever.

Here it be:
The Action “Comes Alive” as you read!

First released in 1977, this is the only book & record set I still have from my youth. This LP has survived eight moves and years and years of mishandling. The audio is decent but there are several snap, crackles, and pops that I’m just too lazy to remove myself. In addition to the turn-the-page bell, you’ll hear samples of a speech given by Hitler, the sounds of Woodstock, and loads of sexual innuendos. Enjoy and may the goddesses preserve you!

Side 1:
Wonder Woman vs The War God
Side 2:
Amazons from Space

Because it’s just so damn good:
Wonder Woman theme

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