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Booktalk: Will There Really Be A Morning?

One of my favorite library classes was Adult Popular Literature. We discussed the importance of the trashy romance novel, played around on NoveList, created mock book clubs and gave mock booktalks. My booktalk was on Frances Farmer’s disturbing autobiography, Will There Really Be a Morning? [named after the Emily Dickinson poem], which told the tale of her rise to fame in Hollywood in the 1930s and later her tragic fall into alcoholism, mental illness, and abuse endured as a mental patient. Since it was an online course we had to submit our talks as audio files then post them to message boards for classmates’ commentary. I can only remember my professor’s comments. She thanked me for reminding her this book existed and said I sounded sleepy. I recorded the booktalk in the wee hours of the night in 2005, so the reason I sounded sleepy was because I was.

Ms. Farmer – Hollywood and then not.

It’s sort of ridiculous to hear me giving a book report as a fake librarian. My voice is a bit hoarse and at times I stumble over my words, but I like it just the same. “I hope this talk has been an illuminating one, and I look forward to discussing this and more books with you in the future.” Well, it’s the truth. Without further ado…

Farmer, Frances Elena. Will there really be a morning? : an autobiography. New York : Putnam, c1972.

Booktalk by Renee C. Bartley, July 7th, 2005. [4:08]

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