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Pokemon are down with ‘library as place.’

The topic of ‘library as place‘ is one that will continue to evolve as long as people question the role of libraries and their relevancy in the age of Google and Amazon. For those who have visited libraries in the past few years know they are more than quiet places to study or check out books. They offer meeting spaces for all community members, provide computer access, teach ESL as well as children and adult education classes; they are concert venues, art galleries, multimedia centers, clubhouses, cafes; they provide shelter from the rain and cold, they are temporary housing, they are sanctuaries and so much more.

And as a Pokemon fan, I am happy to see we are on the same page here:

[via] Taken by Klara Kim

I’m playing Pokemon Diamond but am currently hanging out at the Trainer’s School. I can’t wait to see the library!

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