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Monthly Archives: May 2008

An explanation of why my coverage of comic book and anime-related events will be garbage.

What I enjoy most about comic book/anime conventions are the people that attend them. I tend to be less interested in what is being pushed on display tables and more curious about the artists that are sitting behind them and the people wandering about the convention room. I browse new titles but mainly I find […]

Pokemon are down with ‘library as place.’

The topic of ‘library as place‘ is one that will continue to evolve as long as people question the role of libraries and their relevancy in the age of Google and Amazon. For those who have visited libraries in the past few years know they are more than quiet places to study or check out […]

And so it begins.

In March I attended Portland State University’s Manga Mania talk, presented by Dark Horse Comics‘ manga editor and guru, Carl Horn. I arrived early to an empty room but it was not long before the room was packed with faculty members, students, cosplayers, manga fans, and even a few dispossessed souls that roam the campus […]